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Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

MGA provides a comprehensive suite of services for your shipping, customs brokerage and relocation needs. Please click on the link following to browse our services: Click Here. If you require a service but do not see it listed, please feel free to contact us. We are sure we can guide you to the service you may need.

What is a Pre-Move Survey and why is it necessary?

Your journey with MGA begins with a Pre-Move Survey which is designed to collect detailed data including the size, modes of transportation, special handling requirements and requests, destination restrictions and other important information.

A Pre-Move survey is a mandatory requirement irrespective of the size or scope of your moving or shipping project. Book a Survey Now

How much does a Pre-Move Survey cost?

MGA provides FREE pre-move surveys for all clients. Book a Survey Now

Do you have to physically visit my location to conduct the survey?

Your pre-move survey can be completed via either an in-person visit, or as a virtual survey where we walk through with you to identify and provide the information needed. Book a Survey Now

How much will my move cost?

MGA caters each quotation to the specifics of the services you require. Through the expertise of our partners and agents around the world we secure only the best rates and pricing for each aspect of each move. Our pricing specialists will work with you to make sure the value of services you receive far outweighs the cost of your move. Get A Quotation!

How long will my shipment take to clear Customs?

Customs Clearance time lines can vary according to the procedures and requirements necessary for each shipment. However, MGA will always do our utmost to keep these times to a minimum.

Please note the average Shipment Customs Clearance times as listed below*^:
AIR Shipments: 2-3 Business Days
SEA Shipments Less than Container Load (LCL) -

Cargo: 5-7 Business Days

SEA Shipments Less than Container Load (LCL) -

Cargo: 7-10 Business Days
SEA Shipments Containerized Cargo: 5-7 Business Days
Vehicle / Yachts / Boats: 7-14 Business Days
PETS: 1-3 Hours (Same Day Clearance Guaranteed~)

*These times are applicable as long as all necessary requested documentation is provided to MGA by any relevant agencies; and all Customs, Other Government Authorities and any other Regulatory Agencies obligations are met by client.

^Please note that these timelines do not necessarily begin at the time of arrival of the shipment onto the island as Airline / Shipping Agencies must first complete cargo release documentation.

~Same Day Guarantee Applicable only if: any and all applicable and requested Client documentation is provided within the times stipulated by MGA; Customs and Ministry of Agriculture regulatory obligations are met within stipulated times; client has settled all outstanding fees to all intermediaries and facilitating agencies; and a client appointed representative is on hand to receive the pet.

How do I import or ship my pet?

MGA’s trained pet specialists are equipped to guide you through this process and comfortably handle your furry, feathery or shelled loved one. Please follow the links below for more information on contacting our pet specialists, as well as to the pre-arrival forms necessary to start the process of having your pet travel in comfort.

Pet Importation Guidelines

Pre-Arrival Forms for Pets

Contact a Pet Specialist for more information or a Quotation

See Pet Handling